Using new metrics


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Hey everyone,
Lets all agree HWinfo is an amazing tool and Martin is great.
Using recently added tracking features on HWinfo I have tracked my Ryzen 5600X performance during an hour long run of Cyberpunk 2077.
I'm wondering if others have noticed similar behavior on other Zen CPUs (specifically Zen 3).
It may be this is normal behavior for all multi core CPUs.
Starting with CCD, I notice two cores (0 and 2) operate about 10 degrees C above the other cores on the CPU.
So then I went searching for the explanation.
So I tracked C0 state of each core and sure enough, cores 0 and 2 were in C0 state more often than their counterparts.

I know that certain CPU cores see more work than others but it is interesting and I wonder if others have recognized this similar behavior.
Photos of tracking data below. Core temps.JPG