VID Reading



From my experience with 4670k (MSI z87 G45 Gaming), the VID reading from HWinfo is simply the core voltage I've input into the BIOS. As such it does not change despite power saving settings/different loads, that's the Vcore reading. For Skylake (6600k z170 Asus Hero), I am getting something different. Core voltage is set at 1.4v. LLC does not seem to affect the reading. VID is being read as 1.505v.

Why is the VID so much higher than the voltage I've inputted into the bios? That's a 0.15v difference.

Note: I have read Martin's post which attempts to explain what VID is and what Vcore is.

Is that the VID value reported under the CPU sensor ?
You might also check in the main HWiNFO window (if you run in Sensor-only mode, you'll need to disable it in order to show the main window) under CPU node / overclocking. That will list the voltage modes for each domain along with offsets used (if any).