Voltage offset from XTU in HwInfo64


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Hello. I have a few questions about underclocking Intel cpus.
Lets say i undervolted my CPU by changing core and cache voltage offset.
There is IA overclocking, GT, CLR , GT unslice and SA overclocking.
In which of these the voltage offset will show my undervolting value?
I'm asking cause i undervolted my CPU and my laptop technical support told me that any problems caused by this will not be covered under warranty. So i changed xtu settings to default, deleted the program,cleaned my drives and installed windows again to be sure there is no trace left after Intel XTU.
So heres my second question. If i completly cleaned my drives, is there a chance that xtu settings remained in bios or something?
Such change should be reflected in the IA overclocking section in case you changed the offsets. But there are also other ways of adjusting voltages, i.e. in the voltage regulator.
Anyway, undervolting (unlike overvolting) should not cause any potential permanent reliability reduction, rather stability issues.
If you have reset your settings back to default, there should be no traces left.
That determines the voltage target mode. Interpolative means the Power Control Unit in the CPU will continue to lower the input voltage during package C-states and will increase voltage again to overclocking levels on exit. This allows for a more energy efficient overclocking experience.