Vostro 3560 and fan control issue


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I've installed HWiINFO to monitor my laptop's PCH temp control, since, as discussed ad nauseam at Dell's support website, it tends to overheat and in the worst cases, shut down the lap.

What I've noticed lately is that I find myself constantly pressing the System Auto button in the Fan Control section, cause the fans spin fast (4800RPM) for a while and then decreases speed which contributes to the PCH diode getting hotter and not cooling at all.

Am I missing some configuration? If I uninstall HWiNFO, will my lap resume correct fan control? The ONLY thing I changed when I tried the custom fan control was switching #3 fan speed value to a higher one, but the fact is that with the PCH at 66°C, the fan is NOT spinning at the selected speed for 50°C (4800RPM).

Any suggestions?



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I'm sorry, but from the description I don't exactly understand what problem you have.
Is it that if you set a certain target fan speed in HWiNFO, it keeps it only for a while and then the fan speed goes back to the default (firmware) speed ?