Votage Monitoring for Ryzen 3000 Processors

I don't have any confirmation for this issue yet, but theoretically it's possible that HWiNFO might be affected. It might also depend on system configuration and what kind of/how many system components are being monitored.
If I get such a confirmation, I will surelyy look for some solution.
I have a Ryzen 3700X and Taichi X570 on current 1.7.7 chipset driver and Windows 1903 using Win 10 Ryzen Balanced plan from AMD's driver, the HWINFO 6.09 beta shows the CPU downclocking/volting for me when idle (down to .9v) unless I have certain apps in the background running, like the Blizzard Entertainment launcher app will stop the CPU from down volting even when it's in the trey. But the app seems to be detecting the voltage correctly and allowing it to down clock and volt.