VrVout missing on Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro DDR4


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Hey all, as title reads, the vrvout readout is completely missing, ive tried using a few versions of hwinfo and so far no version seems to support this board,

would it be possible to add support for this board?

Thanks. HWiNFO didn't find any software-accessible digital VRM here but let me check with GIGABYTE's engineers if VRM monitoring would be possible on these series.
Can you check Z690 Aorus Elite AX DDR4
while you are at it:)


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Goodluck with that
I hope you have a good contact

I have found a huge bug in the bios that i have been trying to get them to fix for 3 months
its like talking to a child with them
I have good contacts to several engineers, but staff (especially the highly skilled ones) in many companies are usually overloaded.
So it depends on the request - if they think it's something useful or important to spent resources (their time) on that.