Way to disable Aquasuit intergration?


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I'm using HWInfo on my system to monitor all kinds of values. The amount of info displayed by HWInfo is stunning and very appreciated.

There are various Aquacomputer devices installed on the system, which are also reported by HWInfo. But I know that polling their values over USB seems to slow down the data polling considerably. You get new values only once a second, no matter what you set in HWInfo's Polling Period.

Since Aquasuite is monitored outside of HWInfo for me, I don't need those values in HWInfo. So therefor my question: Is there any way to disable the polling of Aquacomputer devices in HWInfo? I'd appreciate that very much!
You can easily disable monitoring of the sensor - either hit Del over its heading to disable monitoring but keep the values in the sensors list, or hit Shift-Del to disable monitoring and hide all values from the list.