What CPU temperature reading should I use?


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Hello, I am using HWInfo for my CPU temps and usage. For the CPU usage I am good, but I am unsure what cpu temperature reading I should use. Currently I am just using cpu max, and it is my understanding that this shows my hottest cpu core temperature.

The problem is that my 3rd core is almost always 1-5 C hotter than my other cores, and while I have researched and decided not to worry about it, it makes my cpu look a little hotter than it really is.

What is the most reliable average temperature reading I should look at and put on my OSD? I prefer to have just one reading, so I don't want to put all 4 cpu temps on my OSD. There are a bunch of different cpu temps on the sensor list, so what one should I use? 

Thanks, N1ghtFeather.
Yes, the Core Max is the hottest temperature among all cores and it's the preferred one.
Additionally for some CPUs you can see a "CPU Package" value (under a different CPU sensor), which is also the hottest temperature reported by all sensors in CPU and it's the 256 ms average. This could be another preferred option.
Anyway, if one core is 1-5 C hotter I don't think this is a reason to worry about.