What does "Temp7" & "Temp8" represent?


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Hello :)

Congratulations for your amazing software! I use it on a daily basis!

Can you please tell me what does Temp7 and Temp8 under ASUS EC represent?

My motherboard is an ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 and my processor is an AMD FX-8350.

Here is a screenshot. :)

Thank you very much :)
I'm sorry, only ASUS knows that... I only found that I can report a few more temperatures, but I don't know where those sensors are placed.
Thanks for your (very) quick reply!

As I see in Thermal Radar, Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 has a total of 10 sensors. On this screenshot the Thermal Radar utility shows them placed on the motherboard. The only two values that are missing from HWiNFO’s ASUS EC area, and at the same time are shown on Thermal Radar, are CPU temperature and MB temperature. Those two do not correspond to Temp7 and Temp8 though. They correspond to CPU and Motherboard values, on ITE IT8721F above.

According to your opinion, is it that there might be two extra sensors or Temp7 and 8 are arbitrary values which I should ignore?

Thank you for your support!
Yes, exactly. Those Temp7 and Temp8 values can be either some additional/hidden sensors placed somewhere on the mainboard (and not reported by ASUS Thermal Radar), or some values that do not correspond to real temperature sources.
I'd be happy if I would know their meaning, then I would label them properly (or remove in case they are not valid). But as I said - only some ASUS engineers know this exactly. You might try to contact them if you really want to know and see if they will answer...
Okay, I will probably contact ASUS after a few days :)

One last question, dear Martin, and forgive the off topic...

An empirical rule about my FX-8350 and his (ridiculous) temps:

IF CPU 0 > [30C - 40C] then Trust it, else trust CPU (socket)

Do you agree?

Thanks again!
Basically, yes :) Though I don't know the exact margin where the internal CPU sensor starts to provide erratic values. Maybe it's 40 or 50 C.
Moreover, you need to take into account that the socket temperature is external...