Which sensor to trust?

I have an EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 card and I have a question if someone doesn't mind answering.

I monitor my GPU temp through HWinfo for my OSD, but I noticed something odd recently. I use Precision XOC to use a fan curve for my card, and the GPU temperature seems to report a range of 4-10c higher at times in Precision XOC than HWinfo is reporting. (Example - HWinfo: 59c / Precision XOC: 64c at about 60% usage)

Which sensor should I trust? HWinfo or Precision XOC? I'm hoping that the sensor in HWinfo is more accurate. The Precision XOC ones just don't seem right, I've used HWinfo for much longer and trusted the sensors in that above any other software. I don't really want to worry if the temps are higher than what my OSD is reporting to me through HWinfo is why I ask this.

Precision XOC Version
HWinfo Version

Hope to hear back soon.

EDIT: Just updated HWinfo and it appears to be fixed I think, but now I have 2 sections for my GPU:

Both have a GPU temp sensor, but one says GPU Temperature and it's a few degrees lower, and GPU2 which is under the iCX section is a few degrees higher. Which sensor should I monitor in my OSD? Which is the one to trust?
The "GPU Temperature" value is the temperature measured by internal GPU diode inside the GPU chip.
Other values shown under the iCX section are additional sensors placed across the board to monitor other areas like GPU memory, PWMs, etc. I think that the XOC tool shows a picture where particular sensors are located.
Thank you for the quick answer, much appreciated. I'm still confused as to why there are 2 GPU temperatures though. If "GPU Temperature" is the diode in the chip, what is "GPU2" actually monitoring then?
I think GPU2 is a diode close to the GPU chip, might also be placed on the back side of the card. Check the XOC tool, it should show a picture of exact placement of diodes.