Why is one of my cores hidden?


In the title bar of HWINFO it says in parens 'i value hidden) and in the core list, core 6 is missing but is present in the effective clock list.Screenshot 2023-04-11 225512.jpg
Maybe you have incidentally hidden it? Go into Sensor Settings - Layout and see if it's among the hidden values.
thank you that was it. must have been a stray click from my fat fingers as I was perusing the prefs. I am still trying to figure out how to customize logging. I am running a stress testing program for several hours. I run core cycler to stress test each core individually through various stressfull cycles. I just want to check effective cpu clock every 15 minutes without having megabytes of log to examine. How can I do this?
Use the "Logged" checkbox in the "Customize" tab to include/exclude items from logfile and adjust the Polling Period accordingly.
is there a way to uncheck all values without having to go and uncheck each one individually? Say for example I just want effective clocks. Is it possible to have different profiles? For example when I am overclocking memory, I might want memory specific parameters and the when pushing the cpu, a different set. Having the ability to save 'logging profiles' and load them with a click would be helpful.
Polling Period is in the General tab.
You can select multiple items at once in the above list.
Different profiles are not directly supported but you can save/restore your preferences via main settings. That will save/reload all settings including items to be logged.
Yes - select all items at once (by holding the Shift key) and click the Logged box.