Win 11 .232, just 1 Core Usage displayed.

Thanks, tried it and still doesn't work. (Also it crashes my audio on every load.....)

I am using a debloated windows, is there any service it could need to properly work?
But still weird.

(Rivatuner works now btw, they released a Beta 1 Update. So something changed inside win 11)
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Apparently "Total CPU Usage" isn't working but "Total CPU Utility" is, but the numbers on task manager are often wrong in my experience.
"CPU Utility" in HWiNFO is what Task Manager shows. The CPU Utilization is a legacy metric.
I suspect the missing utilization might be due to the "debloated windows" version.
Alright, seems you didn't read it that its an Windows 11 problem.

But thats fine, I don't really need hwino64, thank you.