Windows 10 1803 freeze screen


Hey. I have the same problem as here and here. I recently updated Windows to version 1803 and after the launch of HWiNFO64 after a certain time the screen freezes. I can not open Task Manager and can not turn off or restart Windows through the menu. All I can do is move the mouse, but after a while the screen freezes completely and I have to restart the computer with the button. Сould you help me please? I really like the program, but it stopped working :(

Sorry for my english. It's Google Translate.

I attach DBG file


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Try to disable some options like "Drive Scan" or "Periodic polling" for "CPU Clock Measurement" and let me know if some of those options solves the problem.
I disable "Drive Scan", but still after a while I got a screen freeze. Now I returned "Drive Scan" in default and disable "Periodic polling". If the problem appears again, I'll let you know.
After I disabled "Periodic polling" HWiNFO64 worked for 5 hours and the screen did not freeze any more. It seems that helped, but I will test a longer period. Thank you so much :) .
I was happy early, HWiNFO64 was in the tray and I launched the AIDA64 and got the screen freeze right away. Perhaps this is a coincidence, because after the reboot both programs started together without problems, but it seems to me that the screen freeze is not solved.
Please try only one program, don't run them concurrently. It's very likely that AIDA64 is using the same method of "Periodic polling" that you disabled in HWiNFO and if this is causing the issue then it might have been triggered by AIDA64.
I understand you, thank you. I will test only HWiNFO64 without "Periodic polling", I will write about the results. But if there really is a problem in "Periodic polling", why did it appear after the update to the latest version of Windows? I used HWiNFO64 for more than a year and I did not have any freezes of the screen.
Hard to say that yet, but it's possible that something changed in the Windows kernel that conflicts with that method in HWiNFO. We shall know more after you provide reliable test results.
So, I used HWiNFO64 without "Periodic polling" for 2 days for 10+ hours each time and I did not have any freezing of the screen. So apparently the problem really is in "Periodic polling". Now I download the new version of HWiNFO64 and try it. And do I understand correctly that now I always need to disable "Periodic polling" until I reinstall Windows :D ?
Yes, for the time being (until we find a solution) you'll need to disable Periodic Polling.
It seems that the 1803 update of Windows collides with a method HWiNFO uses to calculate BCLK. But it's strange because other users haven't observed such issue, so I'm wondering what could be the reason for Microsoft using such colliding trick and why/on which systems this is used...
My system, if it's important for you:
[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]AMD Ryzen 5 1600 OC 3.7GHz
MSI B350 Tomahawk (last bios 7A34v1H, although the screen freeze started on May 11 on the old version of the bios 7A34v19)[/font]

[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Thank you very much for your help :) .[/font]
Hi, windows version: 1803 (build 17134.376)
HWINFO ver:5.90

Nvidia GTX 1080TI driver Ver: 416.64

Asus x99 deluxe last bios.

sometime ago, i don´t remember why, i changed the Power Settings to Performance, so I always had the CPU cores at max speed. Yesterday i changed Power settings back to Balanced, and after 5 seconds, the computer freeze, the only option was to turn power off.

So, after loosing 1 hour trying to solve the problem i noticed that the freeze only occurs if i open the sensors window in Hwinfo64. Using your suggestion to disable Periodic Polling, solved my problem.

The funny thing is why the PC freezed when i changed Power Settings from Performance to Balanced?!
Even more strange is that since Win10 1803 HWiNFO should automatically disable Periodic Polling, so your action shouldn't have any effect.