windows 11 22h2 cpu usage

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I think its broken currently it reports 0.49% while the new task manager with dark mode reports 13% for example, currently 22h2 is in rtm in windows 11 insiders beta branch

You tell me if this is correct 22H2 has new task manager with dark mode so its understandable that it broke
its not a super big deal altho a bit annoying
Problem is that I don't see the "Core Utility" and "Total CPU Utility" values in HWiNFO on your screenshot. And these should match the Task Manager values:
So something seems to have changed there.

Please open Performance Monitor on your system, click the + button, expand "Processor Information-----------------" and try to check if you see the following values there:
I do not even think i have performance monitor or i must be miss understanding what app you mean cos i run dutch vision, thanks for trying to help anyway.
Sorry, I don't know the Dutch equivalent. Try to press the Windows key and type "Performance Monitor", maybe it will find it.
Ah, that explains it! That term is localized but HWiNFO relies on the English term so it won't find it. I will check how to fix this.
Im really tempted to install english language pack to see if it fixes it or not and show another screenshot
Edit: added screenshot changing system language to English united states will add other one in a bit
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Sorry if i am not able to check again just reverted back to non beta, appearntly it wont accept my tpm 2.0 discrete chip on 22H2 due some bug i think
So the non-Beta build shows Utility values even when using Dutch language and it doesn't have the Performance Monitor values localized?
I was just going to prepare a test build to check if that will fix it.
Oke i test that in an hour more or less or so giving 22H2 one more try to see if the tpm bug re appears, which is odd cos as soon i went back to 21H2 the issue went away.
This one
It should match the other 2 but for some reason no longer does on 22H2 i just did a clean install to see if it solve my tpm issues 22H2 does not like upgrade on my system, im about to setup my rain meter again and then test again if it still does it i hate it when upgrades aren't consistent and glitch out things
I noticed btw in dutch it says 2 times the same while in English it says utility and usage in both cases tho utility reports correct value but usage does not, seems its doing this on 4780 as well the the file you provided does not seem to change anything, i wonder what broke honestly, anyway set my hwinfo to English now and set it to report cpu usage of another statistic seems only first total cpu usage row is broken currently total cpu utility reports correctly i think
Nothing broke, the CPU Usage and Utility are different metrics as explained here:

As for the Dutch terms, this is a fault of translation. You can fix any translations here (if you're skilled with Github):
If not, let me know what Dutch translations would you suggest for those terms and I will update that.
utility would be utiliteit but sounds quite weird but having both same cpu-gebruik would cause confusion like it did for me, its like both of them saying cpu usage in English