Windows 98 Support Dropped?


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Version 7.64 works fine on Windows 98, but the installer for version 7.66 says it doesn't work on that version of Windows.
There is no mention in the 7.66 changelog of Windows 98 compatibility being dropped.
Is this intentional?
If so, it should be stated.
Thanks, Dave.
No, this wasn't expected. It's an issue of the installer only, HWiNFO32 should work. So you can use the portable package to get it until it's resolved in the next version.
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Thanks Martin.
I have a multi-boot machine, with 98, XP, and 10, so I just copied the executable file from the XP installation to the 98 installation, and as you say, it still works fine on 98.
Hopefully the installer can be made 98 compatible again, and thanks very much indeed for still supporting such ancient operating systems!
Cheers, Dave.