Windows Hardware Errors


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I keep getting Windows Hardware Errors right after I start my PC. Hwinfo detects them as "PCI/PCIe Bus Errors" and "PCI/PCIe Device Errors". Included the Debug file.



This indicates some malfunction in hardware or a problem when drivers don't properly setup a device.
In your case it seems to be a problem with the USB xHCI Controller A built into the AMD 300-Series Chipset. Try to upgrade the drivers or check BIOS settings.
Thanks for the clarification. Wasn't able to resolve the issue yet. Reinstalled different Chipset drivers and changed the USB settings in BIOS. No luck.
I'd try to remove as many USB devices as possible, because it's possible that such device is the culprit.

Just reseated the USB connector of my AIO Cooler (Kraken X62) and haven't had any Errors yet. Can't tell for sure whether or not that was the issue but it appears to be working now. Thank you.