Windows Harware Errors (WHEA) in only one game


Windows Harware Errors (WHEA)
I just played a bit the game and noticed I had 3 Windows Harware Errors (WHEA) in Hwinfo that does not appear when on desktop on on other game for what I know.

Any ideas what could be the issue? I ran 2h of occt small and no errors and now 3 errors in game which does not sound that demanding..

Any ideas?

It would help greatly if you actually gave us some useful information.
You can't just make a post and say "help me I have errors!".

Like, WHICH WHEA Errors? (Look in windows event viewer--->System). What was the exact NAME of the error shown in hwinfo64 exactly?
(if you no longer have this info, look in windows event viewer, it will have the log of the time.
What CPU? What system specs? What game were you playing? Minecraft or Desperados 3 or red dead redemption 2?
Sorry i thought I had more infos in signature :)

Motherboard: Aorus Master Z390
Processor: i9 9900k - 5Ghz / 1.33
Ram : 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z RGB / 3466Mhz
PSU: Corsair RMI 850 GOLD
Watercooling : Corsair H150i Pro RGB / LL 120 RGB
Case : Cooler Master H500M

Bios setting before :
cache 45
llc turbo

For the exact error, I have no idea I don't remember the exact time and in HW info it was just noted total error : 1

I was playing desperados 3 and I realized it uses avx so maybe that was the issue :

- Went back to occt, did the same small test without avx I did last week with 0 errors, it was freezing after few sec.. I don't understand it

i tweaked my bios, did a lot of tests and i managed to pass 3h of Prime Small no avx with

1.33 llc high
cache auto

Weird no?