Windows Server 2012 R2 & Hardware


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Has WiNFO64 been tested to work on Windows Server 2012 R2 and/or the following hardware...

MB: ASRock Rack - C2750D4I
CPU: Atom C2750
SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO (I'm sure this is OK)
HDD: Several models of Western Digital drives (sorry for the lack of detail but I'm sure WD drives should be fine :)
Thank you Martin for the prompt reply and thank you for a great piece of software. :)

By the way, I see that HWiNFO has the ability to monitor a remote instance. Does HWiNFO run as a service, i.e., can I install it on my server and monitor it remotely or do I have to log on first to have HWiNFO running in the tray?
HWiNFO doesn't support running as a service, it must be run using the usual way and can be automatically minimized into tray.
I totally agree with Martin there should be no problems. You can learn more  about phen375 here. I heard there are some plan for pro version but we have to wait a very long for that.
Any plans to create a paid for pro version that does run as a service and can send information to be displayed by the free version and/or send e-mail notifications?
There are some plans for a Pro version, but this probably won't happen in the near future.