Windows Server 2019 - ASUS WS C246 PRO - Raid 1 SSD Total Host Reads / Write reversed on mirror


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In the images below, the Samsung SSDs (M.2 PCIe) are configured as RAID 1, the HGST Hard Drives (SATA) are configured as RAID 10, all via Intel Rapid Storage.

Two issues.

First, the tree view on the left does not reflect the RAID configuration.

Second, the Total Host Reads/Writes information appears to be reversed. The first image below shows these values as I would expect (a high read count and low write count). The second image shows what appears to be reversed values (a high write count and low read count). Over several weeks I have watched these values they seem to be consistent.

I have attached the support files as directed.

As a side note I have used your product for years and really like it. Thank you!





  • 2021-01-23-HWiNFO64.DBG
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  • 2021-01-23-BWS-VS-SA1-H.HTM
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If you're sure the Total Host Reads/Writes is reversed for the Samsung NVMe drives, the it's most likely an issue in the firmware which doesn't populate the values properly according to the NVMe specification.
HWiNFO reports this per specification.
Regarding the RAID configuration let me check this in more detail...
About the write/read numbers...

On a RAID-1 (mirror) configuration with 2 drives, isnt the second just a mirror of the first? So I find it normal to have more writes than reads.
The system when reads data, its reading from Drive1. But when writes, its writing on both.