Wrong CPU fan speed reporting


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Hello, for some reason the cpu fan speed is not correctly reported in my new build, most of the time it shows 0 RPM but i checked and my fan are speaning. It goes up sometimes but it doesn't make sense. I saw another thread with a guy that had a similar problem and the creator asked if he used a splitter and I do, i have a noctua NH-D15 with 2 fans and a Y splitter. Do i need to swap the fans of the splitter or could it be something else ? Thank you
Well, only one of the fans' RPM can be read when any kind of splitter is used. The one thing that is properly split is the PWM signal (if we're talking about 4-pin fans and splitter). Usually it's possible to see which of the splitter's ends is the one with the RPM signal; it's the one with the 4 wires. Maybe you need to carefully pull back the sleeving a little bit to see the individual wires.

Hello ! Thank you for responding. I found some sort of fix in the mean time, i changed my cpu fan curve in BIOS (msi mobo, set up the cpu fan to PWM and smart fan mode) and it seems to report a number in an accurate manner now, not sure how but it works