Wrong (half) VCCIO Mem OC


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i am using HWiNFO 7.13-4600 and HWiNFO says my VCCIO Mem OC is 0,576 V
My Bios says (and this iscorrect) my VCCIO2 (VCCIO Mem OC) is 1,152 V.

My Board is a Asus Z590 Prime-A (with i9-11900k). Bios-Version 1007 (newest).

So in HWiNFO, the VCCIO is only half (2 x 0,576 = 1,152).

Bios is right, HWiNFO is wrong...
Same with Aida64, it shows 0,576 V too...:-(

The Sensor must be correct, because Bios gets the right value...
Can you fix this or tell me where the problem is?