Wrong VDDC on 7950?

Afterburner is showing my vcore on my 7950 during load as 1.031.

But HWinfo is showing me 1.13.

I have 4.06 running. Is it just my system or is this a known "bug".

I'm currently not aware of such a bug. Could you please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data, so I can check more precisely?
Here is the debug file.

I noticed 2 voltage readings

GPU VDDC and GPU VRM voltage out.

GPU VDDC is showing me 1.13. GPU VRM Voltage looks to show me the actual voltage after vdroop.

But the question is what is 1.13?
I can't see the debug file attached. If there's a problem attaching it, then please zip it.
But if you say you see the correct voltage, then there's probably no need for the debug file. A screenshot showing both values might be better.
GPU VDDC is the voltage requested by the GPU. GPU VRM Voltage is the voltage passed to the GPU by the voltage regulator. So it's similar to CPU VID and CPU Vcore - VID/VDDC is requested, Vcore/VRM Voltage is the actual voltage (measured on voltage rail).
Here is the screenshot.

It's my understanding that the VID should be 1.031 and the actual voltage is 0.997.

Afterburner is showing my the vid as 1.031. HWinfo is also showing me a reading for 1.13.


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Thanks for the screenshot.
Is there a similar difference when the actual clock is lower than 1.031 V (for example Afterburner reports 0.806 and HWiNFO 0.850) ?
I'll need the HWiNFO debug file too.
You can either compress it (ZIP, RAR, 7z) and attach it here, or send me per e-mail.
Here is the attachment.

One more thing to note is that Sapphire Trixx is also showing me that my default vcore is 1.13. GPUz and Afterburner report 1.03.


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Thanks for the data. Unfortunately this debug file captures only situation in GPU idle mode - VDDC = 0.850 V. Could you please create a debug file with load on GPU and raised VDDC ?
Anyway - I believe this is a problem of AMD GPU driver which reports such voltage. Have you tried to upgrade the Catalyst drivers ?