Y is this so complicated? CPU Temp / Average


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Hey guys First time poster and love this app for all its glory :) 

Ive done some searching, and am confused as to why this is so difficult to achieve, however I do know the CPU temp sensor and ID are different per computer but still should be pretty copy paste IMO. 

Im literally looking to add a widget that is basically stock like MEMORY widget, but with CPU Temps and a separate for GPU temps and possibly HDD Temps. 

Like the Stock Disk reading or memory or CPU usage widgets, where the title has:

CPU (real time usage %)
Graph of usage percent over time x

Memory total used/total available (real time percent)
Graph of percent over time x

I want the exact format that is default with the Rainmeter standard that shows:

CPU (real time temp)
Graph of temp max TJmax over time x

GPU (Real time temp)]
Graph of temp of TJmax  over time x

Here is the basic layout, why am I not able to have a stock CPU temp and GPU temp added seamlessly to this layout, why am I trying other people scripts trying to make it connect to the stock layout while I run HWINFO In the background displaying my CPU temp and GPU temps?

Top right I would like to have my CPU and GPU temp info in the same format as the default Rainmeter widgets.