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YOCTOPUCE is an outfit in Geneva that have an extensive selection of sensors, all reporting by USB to a Virtual Hub which can be configured as a service to Windows

yoctohub.jpg service.jpg

My interest lies with their ambient light sensor, with which one could control LED strip brightness, according to room lighting.'

Would you consider bringing the data from this service into your sensor page, similar to the aquasuite data?
Depends user demand. Integrating support of those devices for a single user won't justify the effort.
Alternatively, if they provide documentation and samples, anyone else with some programming skills could expose their data into HWiNFO via the Custom User Sensor.
Hi, I'm a developer at Yoctopuce and I came across this post by chance. We thought we could help.

Here's a little python script to publish Yoctopuce sensor values on HWiNFO. The code is available on GitHub.

By default, this script publishes all Yoctopuce sensors connected to the USB port. If you're using the VirtualHub or a remote YoctoHub, you can use the -r opition to specify the latter's IP address. This script is open source and royalty-free, so feel free to modify it to suit your needs.

Yoctopuce Dev Team