Zen 4 7950x3d which is the right voltage to look for?


I have an Asus x670e e gaming wifi and a 7950x3d cpu. I have set soc voltage to 1.3, as I'm doing some ram overclocking. What is the correct readout to measure soc voltage, and can my motherboard even give me an acurrate read out or can I only do this on a high tier board?

Is it CPU VDDCR_SOC Voltage (SVI3 TFN) *this is found under the processor name on HWINFO

or is it CPU Soc (this is found under the motherboard name on HW info)

Reason I'm asking is I don't want to go over 1.3volts giving the exploding CPU issues that ryzen 7000x3d is facing.

However, when stress testing I'm getting betwen 1.34 and 1.368 volts (this is when I'm looking at the CPU Soc voltage). Some are saying I should using the SVI3 voltage, but that one barely moves, so I'm very confused here.

Thanks for clarifying.
It's the "CPU VDDCR_SOC Voltage (SVI3 TFN)" value.
Does CPU VDDCR_VDD have anything to do with AM5 burn in ? My SVI3 TFN is perfectly locked at 1.20v and I feel safe there, but my CPU VDDCR_VDD routinely hits 1.3v to 1.33v. is that okay ?