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Comprehensive Hardware Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting for Windows and DOS. FREEWARE



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About HWiNFO

In-depth Hardware Information

From a quick overview unfolding into the depth of all hardware components. Always up-to date supporting latest technologies and standards.

Real-Time System Monitoring

Accurate monitoring of all system components for actual status and failure prediction. Customizable interface with variety of options.

Extensive Reporting

Multiple types of reports, status logging and interfacing with other tools or add-ons.


Powerful system information

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    Comprehensive Hardware Information

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    System Health Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting

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    Customizable Table, Graphs, Tray, Gadgets, OSD + extensions

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    Text, CSV, XML, (M)HTML, report and logfiles

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Latest Hardware Component Supported

  • awardscpuProcessors
    Intel Nehalem family: Bloomfield, Nehalem-EP/Gainestown, Nehalem-WS, Nehalem-EX/Beckton, Lynnfield, Clarksfield, Havendale, Auburndale, Jasper Forest
    Intel Westmere family: Clarkdale, Arrandale (+ECC), Westmere-EP, Westmere-WS, Core Gulftown, Westmere-EX (Eagleton)
    Intel Sandy Bridge (2nd Generation Core) family: Sandy Bridge-DT, Sandy Bridge-MB, Sandy Bridge-E, Sandy Bridge-EN, Sandy Bridge-EP/EP 4S (Jaketown)
    Intel Ivy Bridge (3rd Generation Core) family: Ivy Bridge-DT, Ivy Bridge-MB, Ivy Bridge EN/EP/EP 4S/EX (Ivytown)
    Intel Haswell (4th Generation Core) family: Haswell-DT/MB/ULT/Y, Haswell-EN/EP/EP 4S/EX
    Intel Broadwell (5th Generation Core) family: Broadwell-U, Broadwell-Y, Broadwell Halo (Brystalwell), Broadwell-DE, Broadwell-EN/EP/EP 4S/EX
    Intel Skylake (6th Generation Core) family: Skylake-U, Skylake-Y, Skylake-H, Skylake-S
    Intel Kaby Lake (7th Generation Core) family: Kaby Lake-U, Kaby Lake-Y, Kaby Lake-H, Kaby Lake-S, Kaby Lake-R U, Kaby Lake-X
    Intel Coffee Lake (8th Generation Core) family: Coffee Lake-U, Coffee Lake-H, Coffee Lake-S
    Intel Skylake-SP family: Xeon Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze (Skylake-SP), Skylake-X, Skylake-F, Skylake-P (FPGA), Skylake-D
    Intel Cannon Lake family: Cannon Lake-U, Cannon Lake-Y
    Intel Atom (Bonnell-family): Silverthorne, Diamondville, Pineview, Tunnel Creek, Lincroft, Cedarview, Centerton, Briarwood
    Intel Atom (Saltwell-family): Cloverview, Penwell
    Intel Atom (Silvermont-family): Valleyview/Bay Trail, Avoton, Rangeley, Moorefield
    Intel Atom (Airmont-family): Braswell, Cherryview
    Intel Atom (Goldmont-family): Apollo Lake, Broxton, Denverton, Gemini Lake (Goldmont+)
    Intel Xeon Phi: Knights Corner, Knights Landing, Knights Mill

    AMD Family 10h: AM2r2/AM3, Fr2/Fr4, C32r1, G34, S1g3/g4, ASB2
    AMD Family 11h: S1g2
    AMD Family 12h Fusion/Llano: FS1, FM1, FP1
    AMD Family 14h Brazos/Bobcat: Ontario, Zacate: FT1
    AMD Family 14h: FT2
    AMD Family 15h Bulldozer: AM3r2 (Zambezi), G34r1 (Interlagos), C32r1 (Valencia)
    AMD Family 15h Piledriver/Trinity: FP2, FS1r2, FM2
    AMD Family 15h Steamroller/Kaveri
    AMD Family 15h Excavator/Carrizo
    AMD Family 15h Stoney Ridge
    AMD Family 16h Jaguar/Kabini/Temash
    AMD Family 16h Mullins/Beema
    AMD Family 16h Nolan
    AMD Zen: Ryzen (Summit Ridge/Zeppelin), ThreadRipper, Napes, Snowy Owl
    AMD Zen: Raven Ridge

    VIA C7, Nano, Nano X2, Quad-Core
  • awardsgpuGraphics
    AMD Northern Islands: Cayman, Antilles, Blackcomb, Barts, Whistler, Onega, Turks, Seymour, Caicos, Caspian.
    AMD Southern Islands/London: Tahiti, New Zealand, Pitcairn/Wimbledon, Cape Verde/Heathrow/Chelsea/Tropo, Thames/Lombok, Oland/Mars/Opal/Litho/Samoa, Hainan/Sun/Jet/Exo/Banks.
    AMD Sea Islands: Bonaire/Saturn/Emerald/Strato, Curacao/Neptune/Trinidad, Tobago, Hawaii/Vesuvius/Grenada.
    AMD Volcanic Islands/Crystal: Iceland/Topaz/Meso/Weston, Tonga/Amethyst/Antigua.
    AMD Pirate Islands: Fiji (Radeon Fury X, Nano), Bermuda, Treasure.
    AMD Polaris: Radeon RX 480/580, RX 470/570, Pro WX (Polaris 10/20/Ellesmere), RX 460/560 (Polaris 11/21/Baffin), RX 550 (Polaris 12/Lexa).
    AMD Vega (Greenland): Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, Radeon RX Vega 56/64/64 Liquid Cooling, Radeon Instinct MI25/MI25x2, Radeon Pro V320/V340, Radeon Pro WX 9100, Radeon Pro SSG.
    AMD Fusion: Sumo, Wrestler, Trinity Devastator/Scrapper, Richland, Kaveri/Spectre, Pennar.
    AMD Fusion: Kalindi Kabini/Temash, Godavari Mullins, Bhavani, Carrizo/Stoney, Amur/Nolan.
    NVIDIA Fermi: GeForce GTX 465/470/480/480M, Quadro 5000/6000/5000M, Tesla C2050/C2070/M2050/M2070/S2050/S2070 (GF100), GeForce GTX 455/460/470M (GF104), GeForce GT 440/435M/445M, GTS 450, GTX 460M, Quadro 2000 (GF106), GeForce GT 420/430/440, 415M/420M/425M/435M/555M, Quadro 600 (GF108), GeForce GTX 560 Ti/570/580/590 (GF110), GeForce GTX 560/560 Ti (GF114), GeForce GT 545/GTS 450/GTX 550 Ti (GF116), GeForce GT 520M (GF118), GeForce GT 520 (GF119).
    NVIDIA Kepler: GeForce GTX 660/660 Ti/670/680/690/770, 670MX/675MX/680M/680MX/775M/780M, Tesla K10/K2 USM (GK104), Quadro 4100/K3000M/K4000M/K4100M/K5000/K2 USM, GeForce GTX 650 Ti/660/760M/765M/770M, Quadro K2100M (GK106), GeForce GT 630/640/730M/740M/745M/755M/GTX 650/640M/645M/650M/GTX 650M/GTX 660M, Quadro 410/K600/K1000M/K2000M/K2000/K2000D/K1 USM, GRID K100/K340 (GK107), Tesla K20/K40, GeForce GTX 780 Ti/Titan/Titan Black (GK110).
    NVIDIA Maxwell: GeForce GTX 980 Ti/TITAN X (GM200), GeForce GTX 970/980 (GM204), GeForce GTX 970M/980M (GM204M), GeForce GTX 750/750 Ti (GM107), GeForce 840M (GM108).
    NVIDIA Pascal: GP100: Tesla P100; GP102: TITAN X, Quadro P6000; GP104: GeForce GTX 1080, GeForce GTX 1070, Quadro P5000; GP106: GeForce GTX 1060; GP107: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
    S3 Chrome 500 Series
    Intel GMA: Ironlake, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake
  • awardschipsetChipsets
    Intel 5-series/34x0 (Ibex Peak), X58/5500/5520 (Tylersburg), 7500 (Boxboro), Tigerpoint, SM35 (Whitney Point), Topcliff, 6-series (Cougar Point), C600/X79 (Patsburg), 7-series (Panther Point), 8-series (Lynx Point), 9-series (Broadwell PCH), C61x/X99 (Wellsburg), 10-series (Skylake PCH), Lewisburg, Kaby Lake PCH
    AMD 780G/780V/M780/M780V/790GX/780E/760G/780G (RS780), SR5690/SR5670/SR5650 (RD890S/RD870S), 785G/M785/890GX (RS880), SP5100 (SB700/750), SB810/850 (Hudson-1), Hudson-2/3/4, Bolton
    nVidia nForce 720i/730i/740i/760i SLI, GeForce 9xxx (MCP79/7A), ION, MCP89
    VIA P4M900, CN896, VN896, CX800/VX800/VX820, VX855/VX875, VX900(H), VN1000, VX11