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    GPU Video Memory

    I was wondering if you could clear something up for me. In the Sensors list is there a sensor that shows Video Memory temperature?? Specifically I'm interested if there is one for my Dell Precision M65 to monitor the temperature for the 256mb dedicated Video memory for the FX 350M??? I...
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    Fan icon in Systray

    May I make a suggestion? I don't know how he implemented it, but the program I9kfanGUI has similar fatures to hwinfo an in that guys program he has an option to show the fan in the systray, regarless of what the fan speed is. But I stopped using that program because, while it works, it has...
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    Fan icon in Systray

    Hi, I recently installed hwinfo32 on my Dell Precision M65. It's working great but I have one problem. I have hwinfo set to start automatically and to start sensors automatically and show them (Dell EC Cpu and Gpu and the FX 350M GPU temp) in the Systray. However I can't get the Fan to show...