1. lockground

    PUBG Crashes my system

    I hope someone can help to find the cause of my PC crashing. The system is less than six months old I play games sometimes, all of them except PUBG run great on 4k Ultra/High. But PUBG can sometimes cause my PC to suddenly shut down. After such situations, I usually manually check the...
  2. PiersJH

    Vcore vs CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) - Ryzen 5900X 1.47v Vcore / 1.52v SVI2 TFN / 1.50v VID

    Hello, My PC is only a few weeks old (there are no old components in it) and I have recently found the CPU requesting too much voltage, and it being supplied with too much (as per AMD specification for the 5000 series). Which measurement is more accurate? I should note, that this is with PBO...
  3. A

    HWInfo causing constant 1.4v and high temps, just monitoring

    I have been searching and trying to work out why my comp never seems to idle or step down. The cores are constantly high, temps are high and cpu voltages constantly around 1.48 Tried various undervolting etc etc. Nothing was helping the cores step down. Turns out all i had to do was close...