bug report

  1. Mr_SeLeNiO

    Wrong temperatures

    (it's summer here, room temperature 33.5C or 92.3F, but that's just not right, specially the 0.0C's) CPU readings is the first time I see them like that (since the last version, usually minimums of 0C, but never high temps like that), for the motherboard I've seen them like that before, I'm...
  2. S

    HW64 v7.24 on Dell Precision 3450 / PCH W580: not detecting Super-IO controller and Temps/Fans

    PC config: Dell Precision 3450 Intel i7 11700 (LGA1200 Rocket Lake) Chipset: W580 Missing (sensor status live monitoring tab): no Super-IO detection (identified as unknown) no CPU FAN RPM , note: 4-pin, from 1000 to 4500 rpm fan model installed no SYS FAN RPM , note: 4-pin, Tacho/Sense pin is...
  3. D

    Cant install the HWiNFO driver

    I haven't been using HWiNFO for a long time but I just recently tried to boot up for the first time in ages. I got met with a message saying that it cannot install the driver. I did try to remove the driver but I got another error saying "Failed to remove HWiNFO driver [0x424]". Furthermore, I...
  4. justusfluegel

    Wrong tooltip

    Hi there, just discovered that the content of the tooltip for read speed & write speed for my drive are the same. If already fixed in the newest version please just ignore this post :) The tooltips seem to be the same, saying "current" for max / min too.
  5. T

    HWiNFO32/64 misreporting SST status on both 7.06-4500 and 7.07-4505

    Previously HWiNFO showed the SST flag in red when it was not enabled (IE, MSR 0x770 set to 0), but the 2 latest versions (stable and beta, both 32 and 64 bit) both misreport it as being on (green) when both MSR readers and Intel XTU report SST is disabled.
  6. Jackalito

    Is HWiNFO causing the dreaded WHEA-Logger Event ID XX Cache Hierarchy Errors and sudden reboots on AMD Ryzen systems?

    Hello everyone: A couple of users and myself have been suffering sudden reboots with our computers composed of Ryzen CPU systems (Ryzen 3000, but especially 5000) under different load conditions. The quickest way for us to trigger it, however, has been by using software designed to test RAM...
  7. R

    No menu in Dark Mode

    Dark Mode is disabling the menu options to reach settings and such. Tho, pressing alt pops it up, its just hidden for some reason otherwise.
  8. 2

    Missing Fan RPM

    Hi there Most of my sensor data is there right after the start of HWiNFO64 on WIndows 10. Additional fan speed reports pop up only after the fans run for a while - in one case even then not persistently. Two fans are especially problematic: The onboard PCH fan (X570 chipset cooler), which...
  9. J

    Ryzen 9 3950X CPU EDC appears to be reading the EDC limit for the current value.

    I think the "CPU EDC" sensor is incorrectly reading the EDC limit for the current value. It's showing 179.000A at idle (which also happens to be the EDC limit I have set) CPU EDC appears to be correct in Ryzen Master. v6.15-4020