Intel Arc Zero Values


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Good afternoon. I recently got an Intel A750 with the latest drivers installed ( I am running the latest version of HWInfo (7.50). The minimum value will display zero values on some of the sensors. I attached sensor logging. This happens with Sensor Status window open or closed. This also happens on beta 7.51. The debug file is 45MB and cannot attach it. Please let me know if you still need the debug file. Thank you for your hard work!



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[Intel asks]: What exact card model do you have and have you found a way how to reproduce this issue, was the GPU perhaps just sitting idle when it happened?
A750 Limited edition (Product Code: 21P02J00BA)
Reproducing the issue is just waiting
The GPU is probably at idle

For some reason, HWInfo crashed and would not start. I tried checking any instances in Task Manager and reinstalling the app. I checked Windows Error Log and it was complaining about ControlLib.dll, which is Intel Driver related. I had to reinstall the latest Intel Stable drivers to get HWInfo to work again. I guess Ill say away from the Beta drivers.