HW64 v7.24 on Dell Precision 3450 / PCH W580: not detecting Super-IO controller and Temps/Fans


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PC config: Dell Precision 3450
Intel i7 11700 (LGA1200 Rocket Lake)
Chipset: W580

Missing (sensor status live monitoring tab):
no Super-IO detection (identified as unknown)
, note: 4-pin, from 1000 to 4500 rpm fan model installed
no SYS FAN RPM , note: 4-pin, Tacho/Sense pin is disconnected (PWM is connected), 800 to 3800 rpm fan model installed
no PCH Temp , note: but it is reported via bios diagnostic screen (I might be missing right name for it though).
no Ambient Temp , note: but it is reported via bios diagnostic screen

Component notes:
CPU PWM/VR chips: (Main) NCP81228 JAS4H2103 + (Aux) NCP81286 RHY2116
PCH/Chipset/SouthBridge: Intel W580
Extra ROM chip: Winbond 28R256JVFN 2122
Super-IO controller chip (128 pins): Microchip DEC1515-Z2 C2106A1S434 2106BYT (used in a range of Dell Optiplex/Precision models)

Debug and extra info attached.
As you can see on SMBIOS section both: Fans (for RPM) and Thermal probes (for temps) are available/detected and general status = Ok, but on Sensor screen this data is missing (I've hidden voltages though, but even with filters cleared situation is the same - this data is missing).

Thank you!

HWInto64 - main.png

HWInfo64 - summary.png

HWInfo64 - sensors-2.png

P.S. / edited: removed attachments with dbg info since those contain serial numbers for some devices.
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I'm sorry but this system (as many other DELL) is using a proprietary monitoring method which is kept secret by the vendor. And no one except DELL knows how this works :(
Thanks Martin for a quick response, my previous Dell model (Optiplex 7060) was ok with your amazing SW, but it was running on a different pair of chipset/Super-IO controller (Intel Q370 and SMSC SCH555V-NU B1811-A1B6E06 811QV2A).
I will possibly try to do some research on accessing this chip's SMBus and I2C/SPI device addresses/offsets/correct bits holding these readings if I'm in a right mood and if miraculously manage to get some spare time.
So many complains about Dell designs being closed/proprietary hence restrictive for developers, I must have picked wrong PC supplier.
Yes, DELL is extremely secretive about their design specifics. I had some very good contacts there and agreements, but even that wasn't enough to get some information about sensors that I needed. It's simple a no go to get this officially.
The Optiplex 7060 supported a special interface which doesn't seem to be present on newer models or is somehow restricted.
I assume the Precision 3450 is using some Embedded Controller and the data might be exposed via the EC KBC interface (which can be read using the RW-Everything Tools) or it's mapped somewhere in memory or has some other kind of interface..