Some questions & suggestions on features and operation


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Hi all,

I seek a mini-App to both log the temperature sensors and discretely display temperatures of all HDD's in the system tray, and give viz/audio warning if any sensor reaches critical. I tried a few mini Apps, non of which do exactly what I want. I installed HWiNFO32 v3.51 on my Acer-Revo R3610 nettop, and see it can show some sensors in the righthand side of SystemTray. However, unless I keep the Sensor Status page open and WHOLE of the application running, the temperature data stops showing. I try to minimise # of running Apps.. don't want to have to run the main program even in 'minimised' mode, just to show a few temperatures in the Systray.

I clicked on Help, but it's 'online' and only the HW database CPU's & Chipsets page come up - the 1st section Help is not accessible to me. So I have a number of questions:

1) Is the whole of the 'Help' file available as a download ?

2) Can HWiNFO32 be run as a service or icons in the righthand Systray, showing just the user-selected sensors ?

3) I see from the CPU database, it supports my Atom 330. My MCP-79 chipset does not appear in the Chipset database (highest is MCP 51). However, HWinFO 'Sensor Status' does give nVidia MCP temperature typ 73C. With MCP79 not being in the list, is this Temp valid ?

4) Sensor Status page shows a 'ITEIT8720F' (Super IO & HW Monitor) device, under which are listed many voltages, chassis fan speed, and a Temp 1 & Temp 2. Does anyone know what the gen purpose Temp1 & 2 are monitoring ?

5) The sensor Status page shows a SMART section, and lists the temperature of my internal HDD, but NOT the temperature of my external USB WD Passport HDD. The USB HDD is not listed under Drives either. (other apps I tried also fail this) Are you able to include monitoring of USB connected SMART HDDs ?

6) Last item on Sensor Status is "nVidia On-die@GPU[#0] nVIDIA ION (MCP7A-10)" - but no value. Is it possible to enable monitoring of the GPU temperature ?

7) I had hoped your sections on Video Adapter would give more information on the 9400m, eg, number of shaders, other capabilities. Other apps, eg GPU-Z give lots of info on my desktop & laptop GPU's

8) Likewise, HWiNFO32 gives little info on the 2 Network Adapters. I only discovered after purchase, Acer fit 2 different speeds of Ethernet Adapter. Not sure if mini-cards or stuck to the mobo. Would be useful to know which are the 2 LAN Chipsets they use.

In case it helps answer any of the above HWiNFO reports Mboard Model: Acer FMCP7A-ION, Chipset MCP7A-ION, Mobo Slots: 4xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16. Can email your rpt if helpful.

Does anybody know if the Express x16 is used by the nVidia 9400m GPU ? (HWiNFO SysSummary says PCI)
Does anybody know if the 3 unused PCIe x1 slots can be used for say a PCIe SSD card for example ?

My main source of worry re. laptop & nettop reliabilty, is excessive temperatures - already had one early HDD failure on a Dell Inspiron 640m, accompanied by high laptop temperature (ventilators kept clear, office & mmedia use only, no games as its a Intel IGP). Is there a generic guide to HDD max sensor temp, and max sensor temps in well designed laptops ?

Many thanks for help on any of these questions.

here are my answers:

1. I don't understand what section of the Help is visible or not for you. Can you attach a screenshot? I have checked and I can access the first general Help section. The Help file is located in the HWiNFO32.CHM file within the HWiNFO32 package.
2. It can't be run as a service. Even if it would that would still require an additional process to be running on the machine, so I don't think that would solve your problem.
3. I have stopped updating the Hardware Database some time ago, so it doesn't reflect the actual list of supported components. It was hard to maintain without violating NDAs.
4. Temp1/2 depend on mainboard model. Since you haven't submitted the Report+Debug file, I don't have enough details and can't make any additional statements.
5. Yes, external USB drives are currently not supported. It's in planning, but I can't commit to any date.
6. I suppose this GPU doesn't feature an on-die temperature sensor.
7. I focus on reporting information that can be detected directly from hardware only (unlike Release Date, etc).
8. Try to check the list of PCI devices in HWiNFO32.

For the PCI Express x16 slot check the list (tree) of PCI devices and there you'll see if it's occupied. I suppose the GPU is integrated.