cpu powers usage

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    CPU Under Performing

    Hi Friends I have recently purchase legion 5 pro and my cinebench score is around 12300 which is 400 points lower then usual Plus my Cpu power usage never go beyond 68W As per hwinfo But for other legion owner goes upto 78W constant Screenshot taken while running cinebench 23 Multicore Is...
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    Power Deviation 70-180%

    Hello, recently i've updated my pc to Ryzen 7 3800X using Asus Prime X570-Pro motherboard.. i've updated the gpu also from 1070 to 1080Ti and i have some problems in BF5, so far the only game causing problems.. on the last build (i7 4790k OC + 1070) the fps was ok. I've started to look for some...
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    Missing CPU Power calculations on Sensors Panel??

    Hello! My name is David. I recently noticed, on the newest version of HWInfo64 [v.6.20] that I am missing some Sensors underneath the CPU [#0] Enhanced readings. Before there used to be like 10-12 Readings for CPU, SoC, SVIN, and SMU that calculated the power being used, and calculated across...