Power Deviation 70-180%


Hello, recently i've updated my pc to Ryzen 7 3800X using Asus Prime X570-Pro motherboard.. i've updated the gpu also from 1070 to 1080Ti and i have some problems in BF5, so far the only game causing problems.. on the last build (i7 4790k OC + 1070) the fps was ok. I've started to look for some answers and i found an weird value on "Power Reporting Deviation (Accuracy)".. i'll attach the file here with the logs.. i didn't understand completely what this measurement is but it's smth about giving too much power and causing alot of heat and instability?
The GPU is almost "cold" in game (52-53 degrees) ..the fps is very low.. i've tested much more demending games and there is no problem..
Ty for your time!


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