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    Fan speed for Asus Zenbook UX433FA

    Looks a great product. Question - where can I find the info on the Fan Speed of my Asus Zenbook UX433FA? I have exported the report to HTML and searched its source, but cannot see any mention of "Fan". This machine has BIOS Version: UX433FA.309 15-July-2019 I have another utility which is...
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    HWinfo64 Fan and GPU Memory Usage Readings Seem Off

    So I have posted to a few other forums trying to figure out the first bug I encountered. My fan RPM on my RX6800XT read that they were outside of spec, 4,000-30,000 RPM maximum. I believe I fixed that by disabling MSI Afterburner and letting my fans run on the stock fan curve. Here is with MSI...