So I have posted to a few other forums trying to figure out the first bug I encountered. My fan RPM on my RX6800XT read that they were outside of spec, 4,000-30,000 RPM maximum. I believe I fixed that by disabling MSI Afterburner and letting my fans run on the stock fan curve.
Here is with MSI Afterburner running.
Screenshot (12).png
This is without.
Screenshot (21).png

Now I have come to the issue that I am currently confused about.
Notice in the image the difference in GPU Memory Usage.
My card only has 16gb of vram.
Can someone help me solve this?
The "GPU Memory Usage" value is provided by GPU drivers, so the problem is there (wouldn't be the first one).
Okay well the drivers are fresh from like 2 days ago but I think they are beta drivers. I ran DDU in safe mode and reinstalled after trying to fix the fan RPM issue I was having before I found that it was a MSI Afterburner issue. Should I try reverting back or should I just let it go and just write it off as a bug, because my GPU utilization is sitting at zero and my D3D Memory seems normal?
The fact that GPU drivers are new doesn't guarantee they are bug free. It's quite common that newer driver versions introduce new bugs that were not present in previous versions (happens quite often for NVIDIA too). You can report this to AMD and wait if they will fix it.
"GPU Memory Usage" is definitely broken on AMD cards/later drivers, my 6900 XT will report this value to exceed 70gb at times. Is this value derived from the AMD ADL API?

Also does anyone know the "official" method to report issues to AMD's driver team?
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Yes, it comes from ADL. I have discussed this issue with AMD just yesterday and they acknowledged it. They recommended to rely on the D3D usage value which matches what's shown in Task Manager, but also said they will work to fix the ADL value.
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