hwinfo64 bug

  1. Fffony

    HWINFO64 showing only 1 core CPU usage after bios reset

    Hello everyone, just reseted bios after failing RAM overclock, and this started to happen... Suddenly hwinfo doesn't show the utilization of all cores. Playing cyberpunk 2077, before that it showed all cpu core utilization, but now it shows only one. Task manager shows that all cores are...
  2. PirMufaz

    HWInfo Readings / Sensors ( low voltage on +12V and weird temperatures)

    So I have been facing this issue for a while now. even on different psu and new GPU. I have this issue there. The voltage is really low for +12V, which kind of won't even let the PC boot, but it boots up and talks about overall voltages. My CPU and GPU are getting complete voltage (pics attached...
  3. D

    Cant install the HWiNFO driver

    I haven't been using HWiNFO for a long time but I just recently tried to boot up for the first time in ages. I got met with a message saying that it cannot install the driver. I did try to remove the driver but I got another error saying "Failed to remove HWiNFO driver [0x424]". Furthermore, I...
  4. ThirtyIR

    HWInfo "Setup" causes MSI Afterburner Monitoring to Crash!

    I wanted to edit the values that show up in the RTSS OSD via the HWInfo plugin and so in MSI Afterburner, when I click on 'Setup', MSI Afterburner just crashes (closes down completely). I installed the latest Beta of both MSI Afterburner and RTSS and it still does the same (was on the 'stable'...
  5. C

    HWinfo64 Fan and GPU Memory Usage Readings Seem Off

    So I have posted to a few other forums trying to figure out the first bug I encountered. My fan RPM on my RX6800XT read that they were outside of spec, 4,000-30,000 RPM maximum. I believe I fixed that by disabling MSI Afterburner and letting my fans run on the stock fan curve. Here is with MSI...