hwinfo64 bug

  1. PirMufaz

    HWInfo Readings / Sensors ( low voltage on +12V and weird temperatures)

    So I have been facing this issue for a while now. even on different psu and new GPU. I have this issue there. The voltage is really low for +12V, which kind of won't even let the PC boot, but it boots up and talks about overall voltages. My CPU and GPU are getting complete voltage (pics attached...
  2. D

    Cant install the HWiNFO driver

    I haven't been using HWiNFO for a long time but I just recently tried to boot up for the first time in ages. I got met with a message saying that it cannot install the driver. I did try to remove the driver but I got another error saying "Failed to remove HWiNFO driver [0x424]". Furthermore, I...
  3. ThirtyIR

    HWInfo "Setup" causes MSI Afterburner Monitoring to Crash!

    I wanted to edit the values that show up in the RTSS OSD via the HWInfo plugin and so in MSI Afterburner, when I click on 'Setup', MSI Afterburner just crashes (closes down completely). I installed the latest Beta of both MSI Afterburner and RTSS and it still does the same (was on the 'stable'...
  4. C

    HWinfo64 Fan and GPU Memory Usage Readings Seem Off

    So I have posted to a few other forums trying to figure out the first bug I encountered. My fan RPM on my RX6800XT read that they were outside of spec, 4,000-30,000 RPM maximum. I believe I fixed that by disabling MSI Afterburner and letting my fans run on the stock fan curve. Here is with MSI...