1. TheBlackFlame

    Laniakea 1.0 - Gadgets for HWiNFO

    Introduction I've been using HWiNFO together with Rainmeter and Modern Gadgets for a few years. As Modern Gadgets is no longer being maintained and Martin kindly opened the documentation for the shared memory interface, I started thinking about developing my own version of a system monitor. This...
  2. J

    Windows 11 and Gadgets

    I've been a bit puzzled as I've been trying to get any of the Gadgets working on Windows 11. (Specifically HWiNFOMonitor2.0 for some basic monitoring) I'm new to HWinfo64 in general; But it seems that it is impossible to use any of the current Gadgets in W11. Are all the "Gadgets" here tied...