Windows 11 and Gadgets


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I've been a bit puzzled as I've been trying to get any of the Gadgets working on Windows 11. (Specifically HWiNFOMonitor2.0 for some basic monitoring)

I'm new to HWinfo64 in general; But it seems that it is impossible to use any of the current Gadgets in W11. Are all the "Gadgets" here tied directly to the Windows Gadgets feature that was retired (and replace with Widgets) by Microsoft? Or should there still be a way to get them working?

Am I wrong about this? Anyone else have more info?
Gadget support has been removed since Windows 8 as an integral part of the operating system. You'll need to get some 3rd party application for gadget support or try something else like Rain Meter.
Thanks, that makes sense. I was under the assumption the WindowsGadgets lost support but were still available in Windows 10, possibly with a workaround.

I'll check out RainMeter and some other 3rd-party Gadget Apps. I'm just looking to get a small display of sensor values (similar to the old HWiNFOMonitor) on my 2nd monitor. Maybe using Rivatuner again is the best option. /shrug