windows 11

  1. cableghost

    HWiNFO taking nearly 80% CPU, pushing overall CPU to 100%

    Since the latest version upgrade, HW CPU usage will spike, and the system becomes unusable. I need to force close HW as the system gets to 100% CPU use. After a couple of uninstall/reinstalls, I decided to permanently remove it from my system. If this is a unique issue for my system, I'll...
  2. M

    No more fan speed readings after update to Windows 11

    Hello, After updating to windows 11 the fan speed is no longer being reported on 2 of my laptops (Hp Zbook Fury 15 g8 and HP Zbook 15 g6). On windows 10 fan speeds were reported for both fans of the laptops (they each have 2 fans). I tried enabling "Show all fans..." but it didn't help. I tried...
  3. R

    Pc stuttering due to cpu monitoring in hwinfo64 (Windows 11)

    My pc started stuttering/lagging whenever I opened hwinfo64 and found that it was this specific sensor which was causing the issue. I had to disable monitoring of the whole cpu section to remove the stuttering. Please can someone help me on this? I am worried if this is any kind of hardware...
  4. J

    Windows 11 and Gadgets

    I've been a bit puzzled as I've been trying to get any of the Gadgets working on Windows 11. (Specifically HWiNFOMonitor2.0 for some basic monitoring) I'm new to HWinfo64 in general; But it seems that it is impossible to use any of the current Gadgets in W11. Are all the "Gadgets" here tied...