1. ecorb

    React App to Display HWINFO Data

    Maybe I missed some obvious great tools, but I wanted a simple way to graph some HWINFO data, so I broke out some AI and react skills and here thought I would share, no config if you can run the npm project. Could easily deploy to a website if anyone cared, lol. Well shoot me a note if you use...
  2. ShwaBdudle

    What does "Auto-Fit" mean?

    when I open a sensor in graph mode there is a small button that says Auto Fit. I don't quite understand what it does.
  3. L

    Sensor windows in ALT+TAB starting with 7.15 beta

    Starting with 7.16 / 7.15 beta individual sensor graph windows clog the ALT-TAB switcher. This is kind of pointless since switching to one brings every other one up. Earlier versions just registered the main sensor window for alt-tabbing (good). The flipside is this fixes the graphs appearing...
  4. M

    2 graphs in one window? This thread is quite old, and i searched but didnt find anything. Could anyone let me know if it's possible to merge two graphs onto one? I want to display 2 graphs of different colour on the same grid Thanks
  5. L

    I've lost the scale on one of my graphs

    Not sure how I've managed this, but I seem to have lost the scale on the side of my CPU temperature graph. Could someone tell me how to put this back? Thanks.
  6. nero

    Graph Identification

    Hello: I am monitoring 2 machines and would like to use the graphing functionality to make sure everything is running well. Have been able to connect both and one is the display for the other and may eventually add a 3rd. My biggest issue is that graphs as good as they are; I cannot tell...
  7. macgyver24x7

    Option to enable graph data history?

    Is there an option to enable graphical history data? I'd like to eventually see an option to enable graph history, either system-wide or on a sensor-by-sensor basis and a time window (30s, 5m, 24h, 30d, etc). If HWiNFO has been running for a while and then open a graph, it currently only...