Option to enable graph data history?

Would you like to see HWiNFO graph data be more persistent or have options to configure graphs?

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Is there an option to enable graphical history data?

I'd like to eventually see an option to enable graph history, either system-wide or on a sensor-by-sensor basis and a time window (30s, 5m, 24h, 30d, etc). If HWiNFO has been running for a while and then open a graph, it currently only starts "recording" (showing) the data at the point in time the graph window opens. If I close and reopen it, the previous data disappears. Or if I shrink the graph window and make it wider again, the data that was there past the shrunken part also disappears.

Keep up the great work!
I'm not against this idea.
What I dont know and cannot estimate is how large would be the history data stored for user to recall, if someone would enable all sensors history storing and on what intervals (2000ms, 1000ms, 500ms.... etc)

If it is large, how would that affect SSD life worn/expectancy, because of the continuous writes and replacement of data.
I guess it would be good to have the option of "(30s, 5m, 24h, 30d, etc)" or something similar, and a "sensor-by-sensor" option along with "all-sensors" ...and for sure to be disabled by default.

I guess first we have to know if this is posible and then what would be the amount of data stored /sec or /h in the worst case of all sensors log on the default interval of the 2000ms.
Though It could be very complicate to any estimation because no system is equal to another (amount of sensors). Unless there would be a way of the software it self to provide such info by counting sensors and all needed intervals by the chosen amount of history time.

Have I gone too far?
Thanks Zach. You have very valid points. It may be good to split the options into a few different metrics/options like:
{ Graph settings }
---[ x] Enable temporary graph history
-------graph interval: [ 2s ] range: 1s-24h
-------keep this many data points: [ 200 ] range: 10-2000
-------"calculated timespan": 400s"

As for storage, I would think it would exist in memory only, while the app is running, and not be stored to disk, as I believe there's already built-in logging capabilities? By the way, what is "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" ?

By the way, what is "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" ?

That is a similar setting, but intended for the report file. It stores all sensor data in memory and if you're going to create a report file, the entire history will be saved there. Note that this is the Report File in the main window, not the sensor log in sensors screen.
Problem here is that I'm pretty sure that if either of those settings would be left accidentally enabled by users, I'd be getting plenty of memory leak reports.
If "Log all values for Report" already has similar functionality, what about a new related option like "retain for X minutes" and defaulting to something small like 15 minutes? This default would equate to 450 data points per sensor. 15m / 2000ms (default polling period time)

Is there a concept of a "most popular/important sensors" or "most popular sensors for this/that" option that would only show (or log) only those sensors?

Is there a way to auto-start the "Logging start" on the Sensors window? I'm trying to figure out a way to catch the last few seconds of sensor data if my system ever crashes/freezes.

Much thanks!