1. B

    Problem while playing COD online

    Hello everybody. Sorry if this matter is very specific and this forum is not gaming related. Still, I hope you can help me. I've been playing Call of Duty online competitively for some time now and I face a strange problem that I can't find a solution to. In some specific online matches, I...
  2. S

    HWiNFO64 automatically closes since these past 4 5 days

    Hey everyone, i have noticed that whenever i try to open HWiNFO it asks me if i should allow this app to make changes I click on YES Then HWiNFO starts and automatically closes on its own. Not only that but if i try to go into program files/HWiNFO64 then the whole window will close on its own...
  3. solber

    Issue with Remote Sensor Monitor

    Hi, I don't really if it's the right place but I'm facing an issue for no apparent reason since some days, I'm trying to run Remote Sensor Monitor 2.1.0 but I keep having the same issue : Please wait for the web server to start..... Unhandled Exception...