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    Computer lagging while starting HWiNFO64

    I am on Win11 Pro using an Amd 7950x3d on an Asus Crosshair X670E Gene (if that matters) I found out that using the Thunderbolt Driver (from the asus motherboard’s page) makes the starting of hwinfo difficult. Whole system is lagging until the first stage is loaded. Made my system crash/restart...
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    Pc stuttering due to cpu monitoring in hwinfo64 (Windows 11)

    My pc started stuttering/lagging whenever I opened hwinfo64 and found that it was this specific sensor which was causing the issue. I had to disable monitoring of the whole cpu section to remove the stuttering. Please can someone help me on this? I am worried if this is any kind of hardware...
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    Please advise on where to start problem solving based on HWINFO log

    Hi all! I'm trying to help my kid debug an issue he has with his laptop where in games we play together his frame-rate sometimes drops to unplayably low. We know there is something odd because I have the almost identical model laptop and I never have the same issue (despite having a lot more...