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    Fan customization option doesnt show up

    As my CPU fan stays at 0 rpm, I tried many ways of changing so. I went through Lenovo Legion Toolkit, Lenovo Fan Control and Fan Control V187, but I didnt find any solution and so I went for HWiNFO64, which actually looks as the most solid program of them all. The problem is that I cannot...
  2. C

    Legion T5-26AMR5 CPU and chassis fan readings swapped

    Hi, had to rename fans on Lenovo T5-26AMR5 90RC01JVGE desktop: Chassis -> CPU Fan (CPU1_FAN connector on the mobo) CPU -> Rear Chassis Fan (rear fan connected by default to SYS_FAN connector on the mobo, which is closest to the case rear) Initially saw that "Chassis" fan was spinning faster...
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    PLEASE HELP ME is Yoga 9i able to do long zoom meeting with screen share or it has something called PL1/PL2 limits so it won't????? ???

    Hello Recently I bought a 14”yoga 9i.MTM 82BG006KAX ,which still in the box cuz i need to have a final decision about weather to open it or not. PROCESSOR Processor Type Intel Core i7 Processor Model Number 1185G7 Processor Core 4 Processor Memory Cache 12 MB Processor Clock Speed...
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    HWiNFO64 disables trackpoint

    When I start HWiNFO64 on my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon gen 4 (20FB), the trackpoint (red dot thingy) stops working until the PC is rebooted. That's not supposed to happen, right?