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    Added option to write sensor log directly to disk - what does it mean?

    What kind of implications/benefit or under what condition should I on/off this option? I am using hwinfo logging together with another software that reads the csv log periodically while hwinfo continues to log. Should I enable or disable this option?
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    Log csv file naming format?

    I use HWINFO frequently for its powerful csv logging function. However, I am confused over the naming format of those log files, as I need a reliable way to identify the log file's generation sequence (which file is the latest one) without reading the file (that is, purely from filename). The...
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    Zotac 1080 TI AMP! Extreme Core Edition crashing

    Hey, I got problems with my Zotac 1080ti AMP extreme edition. I experienced a lot of crashes in high graphics intense games like "The Witcher 3", "Greedfall", "Mordhau". The games work fine, no frame drops, high and stable frame rates, good temperatures of max 70°C, no graphic failures or...
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    I made a visualization tool for HWInfo logs that displays data in a line chart directly in the browser!

    Hi guys! I have used HWInfo for several years and only recently realized how logging is a very interesting feature that makes our lives a lot easier when it comes to understanding the behavior of the computer over time, especially with different usage loads. Initially, I tried to interpret the...