1. BlindBison

    Help Request: Frametime displays wrong value when capped with RTSS, but not the Driver limiter

    As reported here in more detail (and with the RTSS author's sort of reply): https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/help-request-frametime-displays-wrong-value-when-capped-with-rtss-but-not-the-driver-limiter.443730/#post-6031941, the Frametime value imported from RTSS displays the incorrect value...
  2. BlindBison

    Feature Request: Have Unique Color for Overlay Custom Labels ("CPU:", "FPS:", etc)

    In this image, I would love to be able to have the "CPU:" / "GPU:" / "RAM:" / "FPS:" labels be a different color from the actual percentage/mhz/temp values, but at this time it doesn't seem like this is possible. For further context, I'm referring to these custom labels you can make here -- I'd...
  3. BlindBison

    If RTSS isn't started before HWiNFO64 then the Framerate/Frametime info doesn't show in the overlay

    To get around this I've had to create a custom startup task for both RTSS and HWiNFO64 so that RTSS always starts before HWiNFO64. It would be nice if this wasn't necessary. For example, if HWiNFO64 periodically checked for RTSS when RTSS FPS/Frame Time values are used in the OSD, something in...
  4. B

    Increase Update Speed

    I notice that the metrics on the overlay update about every 2 seconds. Is there a way to make it update once per second or faster?