If RTSS isn't started before HWiNFO64 then the Framerate/Frametime info doesn't show in the overlay


To get around this I've had to create a custom startup task for both RTSS and HWiNFO64 so that RTSS always starts before HWiNFO64. It would be nice if this wasn't necessary.

For example, if HWiNFO64 periodically checked for RTSS when RTSS FPS/Frame Time values are used in the OSD, something in that vein:1645044962867.png
If it's not possible I understand, I have managed to use custom startup tasks to work around this hiccup, just wanted to post about it in case this sort of behavior wasn't known about. Thanks,

I love HWiNFO, it's an awesome tool and it's great being able to setup custom overlays in conjunction with RTSS. Appreciate all the hard work that's gone into it :)