1. Mr_SeLeNiO

    [Possible bug, or I'm incompetent] Customize values, Multiply and Add interfering

    Trying to convert KB to MB, but after entering a value in Multiply field, the field "Add" changes too, and the end result is not the desired one, a video recording is better than words:
  2. A

    Wrong values presented

    Hi, I'm getting the wrong RAM timing value for tWR. It should be 24 (as in Bios, I verified) instead of 20. Also, some timings are shown in MSI Dragon Ball but not in HWinfo 7.64-5240 (tWTRS and tWTRL, notably), is there a way to show those too? My board is Gigabyte Z690M DS3H DDR4.
  3. C

    S.M.A.R.T for hard drive shows ridiculous numbers for Dell inspiron 3511

    As can be seen from the screen shot S.M.A.R.T is showing very huge numbers of read and write on the laptop. Usage of the laptop is pretty casual as no heavy games or processes can be run on it, so it seems really strange to see such huge numbers.
  4. S

    HWINFO software window doesnt appear

    I can't open window on hwinfo sensor, when i open hw info for the first time it appear a window to run on sensor only or summary only, when i choose sensor only, it doesnt appear anything. when i choose the other opiton it appear a window as usual. however when i hover in the taskbar it show...
  5. C

    Version 7.35-4950 Incorrect GPU Memory Usage

    HWiNFO64 v7.35 does not give correct video ram usage for RD 7900 XT compared to the AMD Adrenaline and MSI Afterburner. (All XTX's was sold out and my old 2070s died on Christmas eve, please don't poor shame me :D ) No overclocks have been used or setup, I played some Cyberpunk for benchmarking...
  6. I

    Dell 7750 wrong CPU Clocks

    Hi, got an issue since a few Versions. HWiNFO is reading strange Core Clocks. HWMonitor/CPU-Z for example reads the Core Clocks correctly. Already reinstalled HWiNfo, cleared the Folder/Settings File. Its reading the ratio correct, but the Bus Clock is a little bit low: Best Regards :-)
  7. brucks

    0º degrees in Core Temps and L3 Temps

    Hello, I'm not sure if it's a normal bug or not my HWINFO version is v7.26-4800, as the title says and as you can see in the screenshot the Core Temp and L3 Temp tabs show a minimum of 0º degrees, is it a known bug? Should I be worried? Thanks for reading me!! btw, here my pc specs: ryzen 5...
  8. A

    Drive name is missing; replaced with "()"

    I have 2 SSDs installed on my laptop, the second drive's name (BC511 NVMe) does show in S.M.A.R.T, but does not show up next to the "Drive".
  9. brucks

    GPU Memory Junction sensor bug

    Hello, always after finishing my session with my pc I usually tend to see the information that hwinfo has collected, the fact is that I have noticed the following; in the GPU Memory Junction sensor (it appears in spanish but it can be seen on the right) I got really strange temperature sensor...
  10. D

    Cannot disable tooltip

    When hovering over a sensor the tooltips come up and cover half a dozen of the sensors surrounding what is being hovered making it extremely difficult to actually get a quick read on the sensors I'm looking at. When I go into sensor settings and uncheck "show tooltips" when I hit "OK" the menu...
  11. BlindBison

    Customize Tab -> GPU Temperature -> Decimal Digits getting reset to 1 after GPU Driver Update

    I have an Nvidia 2080 Super -- I finally figured out what was going on. At first I thought it was when I updated HWiNFO64 that caused the decimal digit to reset, but it's actually whenever the GPU Driver itself gets updated. I use the GPU Temp field in my custom overlay, but whenever the gpu...
  12. BlindBison

    If RTSS isn't started before HWiNFO64 then the Framerate/Frametime info doesn't show in the overlay

    To get around this I've had to create a custom startup task for both RTSS and HWiNFO64 so that RTSS always starts before HWiNFO64. It would be nice if this wasn't necessary. For example, if HWiNFO64 periodically checked for RTSS when RTSS FPS/Frame Time values are used in the OSD, something in...
  13. justusfluegel

    Wrong tooltip

    Hi there, just discovered that the content of the tooltip for read speed & write speed for my drive are the same. If already fixed in the newest version please just ignore this post :) The tooltips seem to be the same, saying "current" for max / min too.
  14. T

    HWiNFO32/64 misreporting SST status on both 7.06-4500 and 7.07-4505

    Previously HWiNFO showed the SST flag in red when it was not enabled (IE, MSR 0x770 set to 0), but the 2 latest versions (stable and beta, both 32 and 64 bit) both misreport it as being on (green) when both MSR readers and Intel XTU report SST is disabled.
  15. B

    Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II Wrong WMI +12V Voltages

    My HWiNFO64 shows 10.1-10.2V in the 12V Rail. I'm guessing it's a bug. Thanks.
  16. 2

    Missing Fan RPM

    Hi there Most of my sensor data is there right after the start of HWiNFO64 on WIndows 10. Additional fan speed reports pop up only after the fans run for a while - in one case even then not persistently. Two fans are especially problematic: The onboard PCH fan (X570 chipset cooler), which...
  17. K

    Missing CPU Power calculations on Sensors Panel??

    Hello! My name is David. I recently noticed, on the newest version of HWInfo64 [v.6.20] that I am missing some Sensors underneath the CPU [#0] Enhanced readings. Before there used to be like 10-12 Readings for CPU, SoC, SVIN, and SMU that calculated the power being used, and calculated across...
  18. A

    Vega 64 clock speed not correct on HWi versions higher than 5.92

    Title. Clock speeds showed for my Vega are higher than they actually are on any version higher than 5.92, by about 100 mhz.
  19. S

    Weird Core Effective Clock Readings after running HCI Memtest Pro 6.4 overnight (up to 2000% coverage)

    Hi! After running succesfully 16 instances of HCI Memtest Pro 6.4 until he reached 2000% coverage in order to test my RAM overclock I checked the HWInfo Sensors and I noticed these strange values under Maximum and Average readings for Core Effective Clock: could it be a bug, or is there...
  20. H

    Request to add blacklist for some buggy USB connected devices

    Some devices have bad drivers/implementation under Windows OS for different reasons... Recently I've bought a retro arcade USB joystick Speedlink Competition Pro and noticed it has a serious issue with Windows: for weird reasons when USB connected devices are enumerated over HID in Win10, it...