HWINFO software window doesnt appear


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I can't open window on hwinfo sensor, when i open hw info for the first time it appear a window to run on sensor only or summary only, when i choose sensor only, it doesnt appear anything. when i choose the other opiton it appear a window as usual. however when i hover in the taskbar it show white background like file attached below, any ideas how to solve this? i did try updating it into a newer version and i still having the same problem

Hw info ver 7.36
tec spec : GTX 1650 Mobile, i5 9300h, win 10 , (Asus FX505GT)

hover :
Screenshot 2023-01-12 155836.jpg

win+tab :
Screenshot 2023-01-12 161339.jpg
atm i dont have any rgb software run or running in the background, for the debug file i attached it below. i hope there will be solution for my problem.


  • HWiNFO64.rar
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Hmm, there are no issues in the Debug File. Try to completely "Reset Preferences" in HWiNFO if that will help.
I give up on fixing this problem, i tried reset prefrence and it doesnt work , i already use hwinfo 64 bit for a very long time, i just trued installing portable version of it , i tried the 64 bit still doesnt work but the 32 bit work, fyi my computer run on 64 bit soo, at least i can use hwinfo now, but i had to re arrange the info order now. thanks a lot!

also how do i restore user setting? i already saved my reg setting
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I think the problem is that there's some mismatch in user settings, that's why I proposed to do a full Reset Preferences.
So if this is the case, then a subsequent restore of those settings would bring the problem back.
I'd recommend to do such a reset right after staring HWiNFO64 (before the sensor window opens), then close HWiNFO64 and start again.
Then instead of restoring the old settings, try to configure them again from scratch.